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. Business Dining Etiquette

Dining is an important Business and Social activity especially when it comes to dining with clients, colleagues, family or even friends.

We all have learnt some basics about dining etiquette while growing up in school or a home environment to prepare us to be presentable socially. However our “
Dining Etiquette Sessions”, can put you in a position where you can win over your clients and friends with ease. We equip you with the right etiquette, making sure your behaviour does not offend others, understanding your role as a host or guest and how to hold a conversation at a dining table.

Across the world perceptions are formed by the way you dine. It’s an out of office activity but has far reaching consequences than one can imagine; if it is not handled in the appropriate manner.

Proper dining etiquette is often undervalued. Since manners are most visible when dining, it displays a range of etiquette and behaviours like table manners, dining etiquette, wine etiquette, hygiene, conversational skills, appropriate food to order, respect for the host, proper seating arrangement, managing a range of cutlery, being considerate and much more, hence it plays a very
critical part in making or breaking your image.

In our
International Business Dining Etiquette we help you in understanding the types of food, global cuisines, wine etiquette, which wine goes with what kind of food and what these mean in different parts of the world because what is acceptable in one country may be considered offensive in another.

Right eating habits are highly respected in every part of the world though every culture may be different; we follow a universal approach mainly for the professional look.

Feeling at ease” is what dining is all about and practicing it, is what can get you there. We provide you with the right insights on dining etiquette along with the traditions so that you are able to follow the fine dining protocol.

People will love having you over if you are able to understand the nuances of dining etiquette they will feel respected making your social relations stronger and effortless.

These dining etiquette rules can be applied universally for formal, semi-formal occasions, weddings, client meets, business deal meet, family gatherings, having friends over, visiting at a friend’s place, black tie event, after event party, engagement party, meeting family, interview over a meal etc…

Post the sessions, we can assure you that you will feel extremely
confident and powerful for any critical and important occasion in your life whether it’s professional or personal.
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